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Wexford, PA


About Jeffrey B. Wolfe, PHD

Jeffrey B Wolfe, PhD consists of a group of psychologists and clinical social workers. Our practitioners are licensed by PA Commonwealth. We have intentionally kept our practice small to maintain enhanced personal attention to individual and family needs. Our therapists live in and/or are committed to the communities in which we provide our services.

Our clinicians adhere to a psychotherapeutic model of treatment in that we view symptoms such as depression, anxiety, and conduct difficulties as surface manifestations of underlying problems with which an individual is struggling. These underlying problems can be conflicts or stresses in the individual's significant personal relationships, turning points in development, and/or inner experiential distress. Counseling provides a safe and respectful environment intended to encourage the individual (or couple or family) to identify the nature of these underlying problems, discern their meaning, and learn solutions to them. Natural reduction and relief of symptomatic pain occurs as this counseling process unfolds.

We also adhere to a conservative approach to recommending psychotropic medications, especially for children and teenagers. Our counseling instead focuses rigorously on understanding client's experiences in the service of helping them discover their own internal strengths and resources, thereby enabling them to find solutions to their problems. The dignity and uniqueness of each individual, couple and family is a paramount value within our practice.