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Wexford, PA

Substance Abuse Treatment in Wexford, PA

Drug or alcohol addiction can affect your relationships, career, and home life, but the good news is that Wexford, PA, substance abuse treatment may help you gain control of your problems. If you're ready to take your first steps toward recovery, the practice of Jeffrey B. Wolfe, PHD may be able to help.

Our staff works hard to help ensure that you receive satisfactory service during each session, and our goal is to offer a fast response to your phone calls. We understand that many clients feel anxious about attending therapy, but our highly experienced staff aims to make every patient feel welcome in our office. Substance abuse therapy may include:

  • Healthy alternatives to using drugs and alcohol
  • Examination of the factors that led to addiction
  • Analysis of how drug abuse has negatively impacted your life

When you're ready to address your drug or alcohol dependence, choose to receive Wexford, PA, substance abuse treatment from the team at Jeffrey B. Wolfe, PHD. Call our office today to learn more about addiction therapy or to give our staff a chance to answer your questions and address your concerns about counseling.